About Me


Hello! I’m Rebecca Robb, a professional oil painter living in San Diego. 
My art honors and reflects everything I know and love on this earth. 
I was born in Brazil to American expats. During my childhood my family traveled continuously. My childish imagination was steeped early on in a dazzling range of landscapes and cultures. From the paradise beaches of Brazil, sunbaked deserts of Lima, and the emerald jungles of Tingo Maria, Peru, to the deep indigo of the Andes Mountains, visible from anywhere in Chile, rising up like the walls of a mythic fortress.
I called expansive farms my home, living alongside cows, horses, and pigs, and at other times lived in the center of large noisy cities, in artsy quaint beach towns, on llama-populated hills in the rarified air of high altitude, and down low in windy red-dirt desert lands. 
My childhood experiences led seamlessly to my travels as an adult. In my early twenties I spent three years volunteering in Africa. I felt at home immediately, without an ounce of culture shock.
 I remember feeling soul-free wondering the jungle on the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro listening to captivating calls of monkeys, birds and insects collectively forming a melodious choir. I remember the hypnotic calm of gazing at rainbows forming in the mist of Victoria Falls while standing drenched on its enormous ledges as powerful columns of water roared downward. My paintings try to capture the awe of being face to face with African wildlife. I felt humbled and honored to meet each elephant, even when it was my twentieth. 
In my travels I have been to thirteen countries in central, eastern, and southern Africa as well as eight European nations. Each country is a world unto itself with its own revered landmarks and unique topography that makes me want to slow down to appreciate nature’s tempo and simplicity of life.
My art is a reflection of my eagerness to depict everything I know and love on this earth. I feel excited to explore and experience something from a new perspective, and equally eager to paint it. I love to observe color dance and harmonize as light moves within its surroundings. A painting rendered is my nostalgia surfacing from within wanting to be captured in its most perfect memory. 
So I paint the moment that brings me back to the times I watched horses running through the Argentine countryside, or when I swam with exotic fish through Zanzibar’s corals. My mind pulls on memories, like the giant willow tree that was imaginary home to child me and my flying horse.
My desire is to paint images that will stir your nostalgia and awaken your most wonderful memories and imaginations.