Reflecting Savannah | Oil on Canvas | 24" x 30"

Reflecting Savannah | Oil on Canvas | 24" x 30"

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Reflecting Savannah is a 24" x 30" commissioned custom animal portrait oil painting by artist Rebecca Robb.

 This noble looking lion was a commission for the first birthday of a baby boy named Lev, which translates to Lion. I wanted my lion to appear impressive and strong yet with tenderness in his eyes and expression. He is the guardian of little Lev as he is of his savanna. 

I remember seeing my first African lions in the wild. I spotted them while driving through the Serengeti with my fellow volunteers heading to a refugee camp on lake Tanganyika, Tanzania. Two lionesses were resting under a bush only a few meters from the road. They were so large yet very peaceful and unthreatening. 

I named this painting “Reflecting Savannah” as his homeland is alway reflecting in his gaze as well as in his thoughts. I chose to spell Savanna with an “h” as is more common in names, as I imagine the savanna to be more than just his home, it is his love. Lev’s mom tells me he says good night to his lion painting each night before going to sleep.



  • 24" x 30" x 1.5"
  • Oil on canvas
  • Location: San Diego, CA
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