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Have you ever encountered an elephant? In my imagination it’s a moment just like this - dramatic and romantic, complete with eye contact, like love at first sight. At least that is how I felt each time I encountered an elephant during my three years living in Africa as a volunteer. 

Elephants have been my favorite animal ever since my very first stuffed animal was an adorable baby elephant that I received as a gift when I little. I named it Barfy despite being informed of the definition of this word. I didn’t care, Barfy sounded cute to me at the time and my elephant was the cutest thing I ever saw. Elephants are one of my favorite animals to paint. They are so majestic when they walk, fanning their ears. They are the gentle giants of the earth with incredible emotional intelligence. I will paint elephants for as long as I can paint and look forward to the day I can dramatically and romantically encounter another elephant.

Size: 16 W x 20 H x 1.5 in

Year: 2019