Azure Dusk

Azure Dusk

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“Azure Dusk’ competes with “Through the Mist” as my largest oil painting so far. It measures at 78 x 30 inches. Additionally, this commissioned painting was my first marina/boat painting that catapulted me into producing many more boat seascape paintings in response to the wonderful reaction and many requests from collectors of my work and the general public.

This painting was inspired by Point Loma marina in San Diego. My clients wanted a rendition of the view from their beautiful home on the hills of Point Loma. I used ten different photo references to paint the eighteen boats in this original. I wanted each boat to be place uniquely, like they have their own personalities and are going about their business, rather than being placed in a neat row

Size: 78 W x 30 H x 1.5 in

Year: 2019