A Whale's World | Oil on Canvas | 48" x 24"

A Whale's World | Oil on Canvas | 48" x 24"

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A Whale's World is a 48" x 24" animal oil painting by artist Rebecca Robb.

“A Whale’s World” is the largest in my marine life collection. While elephants are my favorite animals, whales are a close second. The common characteristic they share is “friendly giants.”

 Like elephants, whales are highly emotionally intelligent beings and play an incredibly important role in the ecosystem. I am fascinated by watching whales glide through the water, twisting and turning as light dances on their bodies reflecting and changing color in different ways. It is one of the most beautiful and peace things to behold. I painted this whale in his own perfect world of light and color as he glides effortlessly through the water. 


  • 48" x 24" x 1.5"
  • Oil on canvas
  • Location: San Diego, CA
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